Our Story

Cason's founder & CEO -- Mr. Jason Ti, originally a Chef was introduced to many premium quality Japanese products from his work and travel. He felt happy to share these reliable quality products to people around him, but soon realized that these products are not easily accessible in Malaysia for his peers and family members. Mr. Jason Ti then took a huge leap of faith and made his first step, way of out his comfort zone by importing premium quality products into Malaysia in year 2008.

Today, Cason Trading specializes in providing health, wellness and beauty solutions to people. With more than 50 premium brands and still growing, Cason strives to deliver the best beauty and healthy living products to the market.

Mr. Jason ti

“As a family man and son, I am a big believer to bringing change to the people around me — to contribute good and positive into people’s lives and to offer the change that many have yet to be able to access.”



We are trusted with good reputation and credibility through long term partnerships with our suppliers and retailers.


We are very committed and loyal to our partners. We share meaningful friendship that surpasses just business relationship with most of our long term partners.


We are highly resourceful in problem-solving. Our professionally trained staffs are quick, inventive, and enterprising.


We are innovational in all aspect of our business. We work by the culture of thinking out-of-the-box to introduce ingenious ideas to the industry.


In 10 years, Cason Trading Sdn Bhd has total 40+ brands on hand and we are currently distributing to total 1000+ retail outlets nationwide. We take pride in our quality proven products that we deliver to consumer. We strongly believe that by standing in a consumer’s point of view, we will know what they want and is best for them. Therefore, through gaining customer’s opinions and market’s needs, we carefully source and filter only the best quality products to import into Malaysia to bring to everyone. We hold closely to the concept of “a good product will sell itself” through the words of mouth. We believe only by sourcing for a good product, customers will know its value and spread its worth to people around them. We provide generous amount of product samples to all our retailers because we see the beauty consultants and promoters as our important front liners.

Therefore by allowing them to fully experience the value of the product, they will be able to truly convey it to the customers, and the customers whom learn the goodness of the product then will share it with others. Through this two-way sharing process, we can ensure the most genuine and honest product marketing that will benefit everyone. We strive to continue to seek for and bring in more premium quality products to people in Malaysia in the future. Our ultimate goal is to be the trusted leading corporation to go to in this industry for genuine and premium quality products. We aim to run our business good-natured with full sincerity and transparency in terms of service and product quality.

Beauty Chain, Pharmacy Chain
and E-Commerce

Our Online Shopping Store

To cope with the digital age, Cason established an online shopping store Tokyoninki.com in 2011 to provide everyone convenient accessibility to quality health and beauty products anytime and anywhere. We have specifically customised Tokyoninki with simple site navigation to provide our customers the easiest and hassle-free online shopping experience.

Committed to bring the best service to our customers, Tokyoninki consists of a team of passion-driven staffs attending to customer’s inquiries at all time, as well as processing orders on an immediate daily basis, including a policy to mail out orders to customers within 2-days to ensure customers get to receive their goods as quickly as possible. Till today, Tokyoninki.com has now reached almost 30,000 followers and customers that seek for beauty and health products from daily.

Committed to provide the best shopping experience to our loyal customers, Tokyoninki.com serves to provide the best beauty advices, tips, and solutions to everyone’s problem.

In this Modern-day society, living a quality life has become an essential element in our life. Living a healthy lifestyle has become the fundamental component of a quality life. Furthermore, attractive appearance and personal grooming have also became a necessity for our daily needs.

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