About Us

In this Modern-day society, living a quality life has become an essential element in our life. People are becoming more and more aware about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, an attractive appearance and personal grooming has also become a necessity for our daily needs.

The strong demand of people seeking for health and beauty led to the formation of Cason, which specializes in providing health, wellness and beauty solutions.

Over the years, Cason strived hard to meet the local market demands, by sourcing for safe, high quality and exciting products for health and beauty. Cason has grown steadily and progressively from a humble beginning into an established importer and distributor, renowned for a strong sense of integrity and strict sourcing policy.

Cason has further expanded on its product categories to provide more varieties for our customer’s needs such as health food, body care, skin care, cosmetics and beauty accessories etc. Despite the expansion of our product portfolio, Cason remains totally committed to the importance of quality and safety in products selection.

To embrace the digital age, Cason established an online shopping store Tokyoninki.com in 2011 to ensure everyone has access to quality health and beauty products wherever they are at their own convenience.




Started with Fcup Cookies in Malaysia.


Developed Cason’s first female intimate wash brand, Love Soap.

Became overnight success in SASA Malaysia -records the highest sales in feminine wash.


Tokyoninki ecommerce by Cason is launched.


FINE Japan & Liberta  assigned Cason as Malaysia brand distributor.


Beautyblender, Rea. deeming by became the first American brand to appoint Cason as distributor in Malaysia.

MARO Shampoo, NatureLab assigned Cason as Malaysia sole distributor.


Expanded to SEA

Commercial team growth, in house creative and merchandising.


Collaborates with principles for R&D to launch multiple Malaysia exclusive range.

Expanded from Wellness and Beauty distributor to Cosmetics with the launch of Beautyblender, Bounce.

First FINE Japan brick and mortar opening in Malaysia.

Growth to more than 20 brands under Cason as sole brand distributor.



We aim to be South East Asia’s leading distributor and creative solutions team that places mother nature first.


We strongly believe in ethical and sustainable business practices–creating a world that is healthier and more beautiful for everyone. To drive our business in tandem with social and environmental needs.


At Cason Group, our family values run deep, inspiring how we treat and care for our colleagues, the environment and communities we serve. Our actions are rooted in accordance with the principles below:

》Enrich our people

》Protect our planet

》We are one

》Be like an entrepreneur