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What We Do


Our sales team provides seamless engagement between clients and our products. We have a well established distribution network that covers both West Malaysia and East Malaysia. Our in-depth knowledge of the local market has enabled us to work closely with Malaysia's largest retailers both offline and online such as Sasa, Watsons, Guardian, AEON, Don Don Donki, Hermo, Lazada, Shopee & many more.

We've also nurtured a comprehensive online dealer system that cater's to the local purchase behaviours online.

     Servicing dealer / retailer 

     Handling retailer pipelines

     Promo planning

     Pipeline expansions


Marketing is an essential component that drives product awareness and cultivates brand credibility. Our team takes on projects end to end, including designing, planning and executions of 360 marketing campaigns. Delivering marketing campaigns with personalised & localised strategies designed to meet objectives.

We also provide ecommerce capabilities with our specialised team that takes care of everything from listing to order fulfillments and customer service.


Content marketing

Visual merchandising

Digital marketing

Social media marketing

Leveraging marketing communications on suitable mediums to drive brands

Plan, design and execute brand campaigns

Our creative team helps create ideas that can best represent your brand, and essentially help you communicate your unique values to your targeted audience. Responsible for generating 'big ideas' that are immersive and crafting messages that meets campaign/ brand objectives.


Develop creative assets for marketing and sales campaign i.e. visuals, webbanners, videos, gifs, animations, posm materials

Ideation, conception and execution of campaign assets

Warehousing & Logistics

In Cason, our own warehouse team & logistics department helps to safeguard our stocks and goods. Our warehouse team is dedicated to providing efficient receiving and distribution of stocks, order processing, parcel packing and transportation to meet our pipeline needs.

Safeguarding the goods

Inventory control

Parcel packing and transportation

Facilitate the distribution of stock & order processing

Provides storage for large stock of goods

Our operations department provides constant oversight over all ongoing activities, processes, and campaigns in Cason to ensure a smooth production and delivery of our promise to you. We also specialize in navigating governmental guidelines to ensure your go-to-market strategy stays on track.


     Pipeline management

     Product registration

     Technical diagnostics / troubleshooting

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